front-doorThe San Antonio Wellness Institute was established in the year 2000. After more than a decade of service, our mission continues to focus on identifying illnesses or health risk factors at the earliest stages so that the most effective treatments or therapies can be provided to our patients.

The San Antonio Wellness Institute provides a comprehensive medical evaluation in support of prevention strategies to maintain and improve your overall health. A battery of diagnostic tests and consultation with multiple physician specialists, takes place in a period of two to three days.

As a patient of our program, you will have access to and personalized attention by an array of the top physician specialists in San Antonio and from across the nation, led by our Medical Director, Robert N. Schnitzler, M.D., F.A.C.C., F.A.C.P., F.A. C. P., F.S.C.A.I., F.C.C.P.

Dr. Robert N. Schnitzler is a nationally renowned cardiologist, Diplomat of the American Board of Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease and Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology in the United States. His credentials demonstrate his dedication and ongoing support for continuing medical practice education, teaching and research, with the highest level of professionalism, expertise and commitment to excellence in cardiovascular care.

Dr. Schnitzler’s vision for this unique Wellness Institute, one of the first of its kind in San Antonio, was to enhance and improve the quality of life for patients with or at risk for heart and cardiovascular disease or other environmental diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension.